Flameing Daeth Fearies
Flameing Daeth Fearies "Comedic Cabaret Pop Punk Sensation"

Easily described as The Gaudiest Show on Earth - Flameing Daeth Fearies bedazzles the Bible Belt with a return to good old fashioned rock n' roll decadence. Their decidedly silly songs and witty parodies draw new crowds, while radio-friendly originals win self proclaimed Feary Fan Boys and Feary Fan Girls over for life. Expect lewd language and tongue-in-cheek humor, with absolutely no offer of an apology. These winged boys stand proud with their bubbles and flashy lights, knowing that you may not have known who they were when you walked in, but you will be converted by the end of the show.

Flameing Daeth Fearies sound like: Weird Al, Jet, The Presidents of the United States of America, Dead Milkmen, and Queen lightly diced and allowed to marinate in its own juices for the last 8 years.

FDF's stage show is a blend of KISS and Liberace. Expect flashy lights, bubbles, smoke, strobes, exotic guitars, and a massive litebrite. More will be added to this list by the time you have finished reading it.

Fearies' Genre: Cabaret Punk at its finest. Lyrical content is high-octane low-brow full-on experience: embracing blue comedy and obscure internet humor. Don't expect to catch everything, you'd do well to catch even half. Created from the silk of the finest earworms, the songs are too infectious and dancey for their own good. Go ahead and Google it, we'll wait... Oh and try to censor yourself when singing these tunes, chances are they will be vastly inappropriate for your work environment.