Root Glen
Root Glen Root Glen is a New Jersey based alternative rock band specializing in upbeat, funk-tinged rock songs, and life-sized bear costumes. The band loves to involve the audience whenever possible and fully expects concert-goers to sing and dance along. In fact, they have sometimes been known to teach an audience the chorus of a song before they play it.

Active since the spring of 2010, Root Glen have become a regular act in central Jersey and have started peddling their funk-ternative sound outside of the state as well. They have also begun organizing their own shows in an effort to encourage a more unified, fun, and supportive concert scene as an alternative to those created when venues book conflicting bands and audiences on the same night. Fond of poetry, cup-of-noodle soup, and clamming, Root Glen spends their days thinking up new ways to make their show more of a show, and writing new music.

In an effort to release their relatively large and varied catalog of music, the band has recently embarked upon a year long recording project consisting of 4 seasonally-themed EPs. Each EP will group together songs based upon overall feel according to the prevailing season, and will match older gig-tested material with fresh compositions. (The summer EP was released in June 2011).

Many Root Glen songs tell stories: ranging from the noir of "Detective Porn," to the nostalgia of "In Some Time," to the ‘this-would-be-a-children's-song-if-it-didn't-involve-bears-eating-humans' of "Dieting Bears." Still other songs address more typical issues/ambiguous relationship topics, and others touch on such whimsical, food related topics as chocolate cake, and fortune cookies.

The band is composed of Eric Blank (drums), Andres Gonzalez, (bass guitar), Ross Griswold (guitar & vocals), and David Moroney (guitar & vocals). The 4 musicians first crossed paths at the National Zoo, where Griswold was working concessions. In an attempt to create a scene and boost their street cred, street musicians Blank and Gonzalez released several bears and a Moroney from a nearby exhibit. Fortunately for everyone involved, the bears were on a diet and Griswold saved the day with a handful of apples and pears from his concessions stand.