Chris Webby
Chris Webby Chris Webby (Christian Webster) is an up-and-coming rapper from the suburbs of Fairfield County, Connecticut. In just over a year and a half, Webster has released 5 full-length mixtapes, all freely available at His first mixtape, The White Noise LP, was released on April 30, 2009. A second mixtape, Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper, was released only 5 months later on September 18, 2009, followed by Optimus Rhyme on May 10, 2010, The Underclassmen on July 14, 2010, and most recently, Best in the Burbs on December 21st, 2010. Webster began rapping at a very young age, originally writing and recording under the name Vindictive (under which he released several mixtapes, available at Initially catering to a limited northeastern demographic (namely his home state of Connecticut), Webster has since garnered significant attention through his free LP�s and Youtube presence, and now gigs widely around the country.