Flight Risk
Flight Risk FLT RSK's sound converges somewhere between the analog world of live rock and the digital realm of electronic music. With the intention of creating music that tugs at the soul, these guys are already performing live and aiming to release their debut EP in the Spring of 2011. While their music is mostly instrumental, with auras ranging from the ethereal to the danceable, FLT RSK occasionally brings in guest vocalists for recordings and live shows.

Keyboardist JB Lawrence cites Elton John not only as a musical influence, but also as a profound inspiration. Drummer Matt W and Bassist Matty G, both of whom compose the rhythm section of longtime Athens-based dub/reggae band DubConscious, also make up the backbone of this new project.

FLT RSK's main objective is to evoke real emotion—pain, love and everything in between—in a nuanced and honest way. And with innumerable electronic textures and a proven bass-drum duo at their disposal, no musical realm is off limits.

FLT RSK released their debut album titled 'People and Places' available for free download at www.FLTRSK.com.

Here is a press release for our debut album that we put out 6.21.11 titled 'People and Places'

No gig is too big. No hall is too small. FLT RSK – Athens, Georgia's premiere electronic act – has been bobbing and weaving their way across the Southeast for years now, playing both intimate club dates to a select few people "in the know," and sweltering outdoor festivals before orgiastic throngs of fans, and now, at long last, they are unveiling their debut LP People and Places at this year's Athfest Music and Arts Festival. It was well worth the wait. Recorded with Michael Gavrielides at Athens' dreamLab Studios, and available for free download at www.FLTRSK.com, this album is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack for your Summer of 2011. Producer/keyboardist JB Lawrence, drummer MatthewWoolley, and bassist Matty G are a trio not to be trifled with, combining their talents for a pulse-quickening journey through digital space and musical time, borderhopping between at least a dozen different subgenres of modern electronic music with reckless abandon and effortless aplomb. The Matts are as in sync as a drum and bass duo can get (right down to their names) and their impeccably danceable rhythms create an environment in which Lawrence's production wizardry and synth bravado can bloom in a thousand different directions, from the sample-based ambience of "The Realm" to the fluttery IDM of "Mishka"; from the funky left field hip-hop of "Mass Transit" to the atmospheric experimentalism of "...With Eyes So True." Further stirring this mind-melting pot, Athens' rising star Lera Lynn provides some sultry vocal soul on the stunning electro R&B number "For Real," and Atlanta MC Priceless the Kid lays down some elastic rhymes on the hot-n-heavy club stomper "Fe'zed." Indeed, in a genre where artists have a tendency to blend together, FLT RSK can't even produce two tracks that sound alike, but their spot-on collaborative chemistry and peerless showmanship remain a defining constant. So fasten your seatbelts, turn off your cellphones, and put your tray tables in the upright and locked position, because this band is ready to take FLT.