Buster Blue
Buster Blue It's been said that everything musical has been done before, but Buster Blue has found a place inhabited only by their own off-kilter creation. Buster Blue is a indie-infused, folk-driven band whose eclectic sound jumps from breezy folk pop to loud unhinged rock and sounds like it belongs in an illicit speakeasy retrofitted for the new millennium. The band's utilizes an arsenal of instruments that includes horns, banjo, accordion, chains, and a well-placed bucket. The backgrounds and upbringings of these five consummate performers bring color and diversity to their music which sets them apart in their intention to revisit the American musical roots tradition. The band's live sets are a seamless melding of the emotional arc of each of their songs that can either fit in a raucous bar or musical theater.

Buster Blue's sound and an ambitious album has landed them the opportunity to share the bill with bands such as Beats Antique, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, Devil Makes Three, Jason Webley, Langhorne Slim among many others. Buster Blue has been invited to perform events to include the Rock'n'Bowla, an event supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson Research, Gem State Jam, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Strawberry Music Festival.