Grandfather The perfect embodiment of “less is more”; New York based three piece Grandfather fashion dynamic, intense and violently rhythmic psychedelic rock. Far from a traditional power rock trio, the band creates a massive, caterwauling maelstrom from the simple concept of allowing each instrument to reach its sonic peak.

Conjuring the sounds of a band twice its size, their music is ripe with complex melodies and a lockstep rhythm section (Josh Hoffman, Jonathan Silverman), set against the tempestuous, experimental guitar playing of Michael Kirsch. Lead vocal duties are also fronted by Josh Hoffman, their energetic heavy-hitting drummer, and provide an aching, emotional fragility to their music. The result is an otherworldly sound – one eager to brashly burst at the seams with razor sharp stabs of feedback and an aggressive rhythmic attack; yet delicate and mature enough to pack a stunning emotional heft.

Well known across New York City for their onstage intensity, buzz-saw-like precision and confidently brutal live shows the band is eager to tour. The band recently recorded their debut record, “Why I’d Try” in July, 2010 with stalwart engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies). Firm believers in the raw, unencumbered sound of the analog recording process, Grandfather and Albini have managed to capture the band’s frenetic, live-in-the-room intensity and created a singular, ruminative and altogether bracing introduction to their world.

Grandfather's debut record "Why I'd Try" is available for free download at