Jesus and the Rabbis
Jesus and the Rabbis Jesús and the Rabbis are a 4-piece, high energy soul rock group straight out of the streets of San Francisco with a Funk to make you wanna drink 180-proof holy water.

Formed officially in 2007, the band consists of The Lovely Wise, the moniker of the lead singer, who has a soulful, sultry voice. When she really gets into it, there’s a little James Brown in her soul. Jesús, the slap happy Bassist and founder of Jesús and The Rabbis, owns the instrument, playing melodic and hard hitting baselines and providing vocals with a crunch that makes you think of Mr. Tom Waits in his later days. Josh [killaHz] shreds on the guitar, from soaring, can’t get it out of your head, riffs and chord progressions, to mind bending leads that give you chills. Christopher [Cookies] Kelly, drums like a machine, providing the backbone for the “make your booty shake” sound that is Jesús and The Rabbis.