Irieside Irieside is continuing a steady run of the party and bar scene, blazing a path all the way to the "Big Stage". Having played steadily for the past 7 years in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, not to mention 2 back to back appearances at SXSW Music Fest in Austin, TX, these guys are ready to rock anytime, anywhere.

With a mixture of Hip-Hop, Reggae Riddims, Rock and Funk… Irieside is known for making any crowd move… no matter age, race, sex, or creed. With an awesome stage presence and mood enhancing music, Irieside is sure to rock any crowd, anytime.

Brought together through various ties, Irieside is on a mission to make everyone dance to the beat of a different drum. These guys use the basic elements of music making to create a sound similar to… but like no others.