Lost Dog Found
Lost Dog Found Lost Dog Found was really born in the spring of 1998... that's when Stevie Mac first heard Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's "You & Me & The Bottle Makes Three" not long after his band had, well, disbanded. The swing revival came, the swing revival died, and the music scene went back to whatever the radio stations were being force fed to play. He went on to start his publishing company and focused on making a living writing and licensing music. Even though he did some work for Disney/IBM/O'Reilly Media, there was a fire smoldering inside his musical brain for songs that he wanted to hear that just were not getting made. So he began writing and arranging a handful of songs with the idea of updating the sound of swing into more of a rowdy jump blues, high energy sort of sound.

12 years later, and hours and hours of arranging music/drinking/experiencing life, Lost Dog Found saw it's first light of day when Stevie Mac, Kyle Pesonen, and former bassist Jeff Moon met at a rehearsal studio in San Rafael from an ad on Craigslist. After a few hours of throwing out musical ideas and one really bad rendition of "Rock This Town," we decided this might work, but would need a singer, because no one was going to pay any money to see either of the three of us belt out a tune. Another thing was decided... we would not be a cover band, if we were going to go anywhere beyond the radius of our homes, we'd have to become something bigger and original.

With that idea in place, we somehow managed to work together for months without a singer, until Steve and Chris Hudlow, old childhood friends, reconnected via Facebook. Chris was invited to try out as a tenor sax player, and Chris suggested himself as a the possible singer. It was clear from the first song that Chris was going to be the voice for Lost Dog Found, a blend of fiery blues with classic soul that fit Lost Dog Found's sound perfect. Not only that, he could also really wail on the tenor sax. We laugh now, because sometimes life is just serendipitous.

The horn section came next... very slowly. Throughout the year of building the band, we tried out 20 different individual horn players, some stayed for awhile before we decided it wasn't going to work, some spent an uncomfortable two hours with us before they realized we weren't going to be playing Glenn Miller tunes. Nick Miller was the first to stick, braving his first meeting with us at Sparkyland Studios in Oakland, literally trying out for the alto sax with the tape rolling. He passed the test apparently, because he keeps showing up at our shows.

Adam Borden on trumpet was next, who found us from a friend of a friend who heard a swing band was looking for a horn player. We all had a strange look when he stepped out of his beat up old car painted with music notes and looking like he just rolled out of the 70's Rolling Stones tour bus, but after hearing him play and talking with him for five minutes, it was clear this kid was the real deal. He keeps showing up too.

Ray G followed shortly after, and honestly, there is no interesting story with him on how he became our bari sax player... and for awhile we couldn't figure out why he kept showing up. We just must be really cool to hang around on a Sunday evening. Before the horn section got tight and the arrangements got better, we were just an average swing band. When Ray stepped in with his bari sax, we became a fantastic swing band.

Jatossha Davis was last, but not far from least. She came to one of our first shows, at the Belrose in San Rafael, CA, and it was clear she was with Adam, because, well, she just dressed like she would be there with Adam. A friend of the band asked a couple of us if she sang at all, because she had a great look about her. Turns out she did sing. Really well in fact, so well that she went to Hollywood on American Idol in January of 2011. We hooked her into our band before she left, and she came back stronger and with a passion to become not only the female leading lady for Lost Dog Found, but to reinforce the idea that our concerts are going to be "a show" as opposed to "a performance."

So that's our personal little story. We fight, we get out of hand, we lean on each other, we drive each other to the hospital (long story), we make each other better musicians, we steal each others food and beer when the other isn't looking, and we flat out blow the lid off from every joint we step into. We're Lost Dog Found, and I guarantee you ain't seen nothing like this before....

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