Screaming Coyotes
Screaming Coyotes Screaming Coyotes is a band from Southern Vermont that draws on the infinite inspiration in the world to create original music which is described as "Flutronic Lunar Rock". Their polyphonic fusion of instruments is influenced by the integral dinosaur classic rock stars and godfathers of the jam band scene as well as many jazz masters, folk lyricists, reggae legends, and a few modern indie rock groups.

Since November, 2010, Screaming Coyotes has performed at several festivals and venues in New England and New York City.

The band has recently restructured itself into a brand new lineup of seasoned musicians who yearn to create deeply touching music that defies the boundaries of time. Derek Gladding enjoys combining his soulful bluesy guitar solos with midi synthesized journeys that sometimes resemble the contemporary territory of electronica dubstep. The other founding member, Vanessa Fortin, is a virtuoso flautist who creates a rocking dance of melodic flute lines occasionally enhanced by delays, octave, and phaser special effects. Mike Turk's guitar intelligently segues back and forth between rhythmic syncopation and some very sweet lead riffing. A steady low end engine is provided by the solid and mature bass playing of Harry Hyams. Rory Walsh tastefully blends tribal jazz drumming into his intense rock and roll style. Vocals by all band members ebb and flow in a harmonious ocean of sound under the full moon that invisibly exists every night up in the sky.

Come see Screaming Coyotes perform @ Maine Peace Jam Fest on 5-19-12 @1:30pm-2:45pm in Harmony, Maine.