FREEZER - Phish cover band
FREEZER - Phish cover band The tempe based Phish cover band "Freezer" is making it's mark on the Arizona music scene in a big way. The band was formed in the summer of 2010 with a desire to bring the complicated and amazing songs of Phish to the Arizona music scene (something musicians in the area have not tapped into yet) With a strong dedication to "doing it right" and paying attention to the small details that the Phans appreciate,the band takes on the hardest songs to the most whimsical ones. In true Phish fashion, Freezer remembers that they are conduits to the music that already exists and gives the jams the space to give the listener the feeling of a live Phish experience,while keeping true Phish's jamming style but not flooded with focus on a near impossible note for note recreation. Phish has always been the major influence in all of their musical projects in the past so it feels natural to be doing it as a tribute now..

Dan Bieber-Guitar/Vocals
Johnny Mac-Keys/Vocals
Brian Post-Bass/Vocals
Cameron Laforest-Drums/Vocals