The Black
Featuring past and present members of Trail of Dead, Voxtrot, Pink Nasty, JC & Co, Windsor for the Derby, and Belaire.

"The Black deliver rock ‘n' roll that could have stepped right out of 1966. This is garage strum and thud at its purest and most chilled out."
--Austin American Statesman

"I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest we might be talking about Sun In The Day Moon At Night when we start arguing the best releases of 2010. Largely devoid of overdubs, I imagine this is pretty damn close to the mythical “cosmic American music” that GP was trying to pin down. Like well-coiffed, less hirsute and finely-haberdashed Basement Tapes-era The Band (with that Dylan feller), these guys make beautifully patinated music, seemingly without breaking a sweat.
--My Old Kentucky Blog

"The band swings through rock and roll's pearly gates, transporting the long gone sounds of Buddy Holly and lesser known garaged nuggets through the radio. Unpretentious, unadulterated, and unfiltered, it's a sound many have done before, but few have done – at least recently – this well."