Aaron Katz Band
Aaron Katz Band Aaron Katz was born into a family of actors and musicians. By age three Aaron was playing drum-set and piano. While attending Worcester Academy prep school Aaron was asked to perform with the W.P.I college stage band as first seat drummer . The group toured Europe in 1992.

At graduation from Worcester Academy Aaron received the coveted Alumni music prize and the Mark D. Levine lifer award for his ability to motivate and inspire school activity groups and spirit. Aaron received a scholarship in music performance from the University of New Hampshire in 1994. While at U.N.H Aaron started the funk band Vitamin C. Vitamin C toured the Northeast and released two albums.

In 1997 Aaron was asked to join National act Percy Hill as drummer and singer/songwriter. With Percy Hill Aaron toured the United States for years and released two studio albums and one live album. The Percy Hill album Color In Bloom won the Jammy award for album of the year in 2000 at New York cities Irving Plaza.

After Percy Hill Aaron started his own project and released his first solo album titled Simplest Warrior. The Aaron Katz band toured the country in support of Simplest Warrior. Simplest Warrior won the Alternative album of the year at the Seacoast Spotlight eye on the arts ceremony in 2002.

In 2003 Aaron started a music production company in Dover NH. Aaron now splits his time between producing albums and playing drums/producing and writing for his band the DEJAS. The DEJAS won the Spotlight eye on the arts Alternative band of the year in 2007.

Aaron lives in Salem, Mass with his two cats Rhonda and Pouix Pouix.