Aliver Hall
Aliver Hall Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Aliver Hall brings rock and roll to its happy place, while at the same time getting down and dirty. Anthemic, uplifting energy characterizes the group's live show, which continues to leave audiences wanting more. A fury of progressive rock drumming forms the foundation, while tight bass lines weave in and out of vintage-toned guitar rhythms. Lush vocal harmonies round out the Rubber City quartet's sound, which features as much heady structure as loose improvisation and jamband-inspired soloing. While Aliver Hall is most at home on stage, its debut studio effort, "Welcome to Aliver Hall," gained the attention of fans and critics alike in 2011 with its concept album structure and superior sound. In 2012, the band received critical acclaim for its live release "Live Summer and Fall 2011" and its second studio effort, "Chasing the Rain."