Star Slinger
Star Slinger Hailing from a small village in Nottinghamshire, Darren now lives in the heart of Manchester, UK. A place home to many of his idols. Darren started out life as a musician by reading guitar chord books, toying with Casio keyboards, begging his mother to buy him turntables, and spending his learning allowance on building a computer solely for music production at the age of 14.

By 2007 he had two 12” vinyl releases to his name in the dance music arena. One of those an EP, championed by Paul Van Dyk, one appearing on a guest mix on Radio 1. However Dance Music became somewhat limited to

Darren. The 4/4 kick drums, syncopated basslines and 8 minute 12” mixes became too easy to churn out and all this time Darren had a vinyl collection which boasts everything from forgotten UK soul bands to Cocteau Twins to De La Soul. It is a collection built upon years of devotion to dusty second-hand record stores adorning his (back then) rural surroundings.

It is this eclectic mix that has no doubt lead him go on to become a producer of beat tapes. The new Volume 1 LP samples everything from child-fronted reggae bands (Musical Youth) to funk (Parlaiment) to 90’s soul (Mint Condition), to 80’s rock (Big Country) and more. The 11 track release has an uplifting vibe, and work on Volume 2 is well underway. Check out Slow ‘N’ Wet and Longtime in the News section alongside recent remixes and Collaborations which have came about off the back of Volume 1’s June 2010 release.