The Jimmy Swift Band
The Jimmy Swift Band One of the most sought after independent bands in Canada today, The Jimmy Swift Band (JSB) is Craig Mercer (lead guitar, vocals and effects), Mike MacDougall (bass), Aaron Collier (leyboards, effects) and Paul Christian (drums, vocal).

Enjoying a cult-like following that can be traced back to their heavy touring schedule (180 live shows in 2002), the Halifax-based bands's highly anticipated sophomore album Onward Through The Fog, was just released in June 2003. The CD is an 11-song, independent, all-original recording that features lush sonic textures that weave in and out of tight, danceable grooves.

"My favorite albums are the ones that can become the soundtrack to the scenery by as you are driving," says guitarist/vocalist Mercer. "I think we have made a record like this with Onward Through The Fog. It is the kind of music that gives you the sense that you are being propelled forward. You can listen to it over and over, each time discovering something new within.”

“The music sounds like a Pink Floyd for the modern era, but where Pink Floyd’s music challenged the mind, The Jimmy Swift Band’s music challenges both the body and the mind.” - Atlantic Zone

“With their funky keyboards, catchy guitar riffs and insane basslines (dude plays a seven stringer, and uses every single fret!), they pumped out some of the best ear candy of the entire event.” - on JSB’s Much Music 2002 ECMA Rock Stage performance

“Solid songs … amazing improv jams … one of the hottest live shows you’ll see anywhere!” -

JSB’s critically acclaimed debut album Now They Will Know We Were HERE garnered them a 2002 East Coast Music Association (ECMA) Award for Best Alternative Artist, and Industry Artist of the Year and Galaxie Rising Star honors at the 2002 Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia (MIANS).

The band has shared the stage with such acts as Big Sugar, Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth and The Flaming Lips.

Half of JSB’s repertoire consists of organic instrumental material with influences ranging from Daft Punk to St. Germain, while the other half displays mature songwriting, powerful vocals and memorable melodies within the framework of concise arrangements. Although both elements of the band’s sounds are starkly different, they combine the two effortlessly to bring the audience on an unforgettable journey with each live show