June Divided
June Divided Go to college. Get a job... or not. Become a rock star.

It may not be a typical sequence of events, but it’s the tale of June Divided. While most starving artists cave in and join the 9 to 5 world, founding members Melissa Menago (vocals, guitar) and Chris Kissel (guitar) turned their backs on the struggling job market and started a band.

As the pieces fell into place, they turned to the only logical place to find a drummer... Craigslist. It was there that they met and soon fell in love with Keith Gill. Adding Rich Mancinelli (Taking Sides) on bass, the band became a quartet.

June Divided has an uncanny mass appeal. Drawing on post-rock guitar work and undeniable pop rock sensibilities, there is something for Explosions In The Sky and Jimmy Eat World fans alike. Brandishing honest lyrics, each song is a personal outlet. "A good song is universal – something we can all feel in one way or another," says Menago.

With their first single "Bullet" already picking up airplay and a debut EP available now, it's no wonder the Philadelphia-based group is getting a lot of attention. According to producer / mix engineer Dan Malsch (Tantric, Framing Hanley, Forever The Sickest Kids), they are "getting off to a good start".