Fallen Riviera
Fallen Riviera Will Parry and Steve Ornest began writing music together while studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. They sent some of their early demos back to music industry professionals in Los Angeles, and encouraged by their response, decided to make the move. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles they met bassist Brock Pollock and drummer Mike Sutherland, and Fallen Riviera was born.

Raised in a seaport town on the Southwest of England, Will Parry spent his early youth mastering jazz piano. On the other side of the continent, Steve Ornest was shedding classic rock heroes Hendrix and Zeppelin while drummer Mike Sutherland was instantly hooked on local punk bands Thrice and Pennywise. Ohio born bassist Brock Pollock learned everything about groove by studying funk master James Jamerson. Fallen Riviera’s influences cover a lot of ground, but together they form a cohesive sound that can be compared to the likes of U2, Coldplay, the Doves, and many others.

In the past several months Fallen Riviera has had music licensed through Universal Publishing, APM Music, played several shows, and recorded their recently released EP entitled "White Dress".

Contact: management@fallenriviera.com
Web: www.fallenriviera.com