KOAN Koan is a true hip hop emcee that hails from the depths of New Orleans lower 9th ward. Musically inclined from a young age and verse in many instruments, Koan began playing the saxophone at the tender age of 6. By age 11, his talents gained him acceptance into the "All-City Band" and his diligence and love for music landed him the covenant position of section leader. Throughout his teenage years, Koan mastered the trumpet and developed a love affair with words, scribing beautiful stanzas of intricate metaphors and similes. After high school he decided to blend the two arts and began incorporating his poetry into raps.

Attacking the skills of lyricist, he gained local street credit with his crew The Daily Bread Unit as one of New Orleans' fearless battle rappers. Music and rapping came easy to Koan. It wasn't until a moment of clarity on stage at a Hieroglyphics Concert did he realize that on the stage holding the mic is where he was meant to be.

Koan began performing with the talented E.O.E in 2004. What started as a guest appearance quickly turned into a regular occurrence by way of audience demand. By 2005 he was added as a permanent member of the band and began to incorporate hip hop into their worldly diversified sound. E.O.E started to perform regularly in New Orleans and surrounding areas. They recorded their album "Fortune and Circumstance" in 2006. In August 2007, E.O.E. officially moved back home to New Orleans after being displaced after the storm. Koan and the other members of E.O.E. celebrated the return home with a sold out show at the world renowned Tipitina's. Received with arms wide open; garnering features in all of the major publications in New Orleans, including a feature in Where Y'at Magazine's " Ones to Watch". Koan and E.O.E. went on to win six of Gambit's and Where Y'at "Best of New Orleans" awards in 2008 including "Best Live Show" , "Best New Band" and "Best Hip Hop Act". Also winners of "Best Hip Hop" 09' and 10'. Koan has performed at a host of festivals and venues throughout the U.S. and U.S. Virgin Island, including the N.O. Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest, Funk Fest(PA), Sullivan Hall (NY) just to name a few. To date Koan and E.O.E has successfully completed 16 tours covering 80,000 miles in 50+ cities.

Having made a name for himself and gaining performance experience, Koan is ready to branch out as a solo artist and has already headlined several packed shows around New Orleans since August. He still performs regularly with E.O.E. and also ocassionally can be seen sitting in with some of N.O. finest talents. He lives and breathes hip hop and loves spreading it around!

"I love the feeling that hip hop gave me and I want to give that same feeling of love and good times to others."

Koan along with Sean C. added DJ Skratcmo, to the live show line up. Koan decided to go back to the essence of Hip Hop with a DJ, one of the original elements of the genre. "A DJ also bring a different dynamic to the music and show". The seasoned performer live shows are full of energy that bleeds through the speakers. You could feel the passion and emotion he emits to his audiences. With Sean C at his side they play off each other's performing styles while they're verses flow through the music. DJ Skratchmo cuts through the tracks as good as the best. Seeing this perfected you relize you are witnessing true talent who's all about the music, no gimmicks!