Steel Keys & Brass
Steel Keys & Brass In the late winter of 2009, Nik Kryder (6 and 12 string guitars) and Mike Wallace (vocals, saxophone, piano) got together a few songs and played a few small bars and lounges in their suburban town. In the late winter of 2010, Nik and Mike shared the stage with Corey "Wombat" Rost (bass, mandolin) and CJ Ahrens (percussion, drums), playing at clubs and festivals in and around Greater Buffalo with a forthcoming full-length album in the works. Suffice to say, Steel Keys & Brass have certainly gained a momentum and a growing fan base in Western New York.

Stealing bits and pieces from different areas of music such as bluegrass, jazz, hip-hop, and rock'n'roll, their songs have an uncompromising originality that resists any single classification. This ability to vary their style gives Steel Keys & Brass not only diverse yet fluid live sets, but also gives the opportunity for them to perform in a wide array of different venues. They have played at a dinner party on Wednesday, a bar/club on Friday, a large festival on Friday, and a college house party on Saturday. However schizophrenic that may seem, they still maintain their unique sound - the natural and organic sound of four friends around a fire, passing a bottle and singing songs.