Lionz of Zion (L.O.Z.)
Lionz of Zion (L.O.Z.) Blurring the lines of genre, the Lionz of Zion (LOZ) have created an exciting eclectic sound that blends individual musical styles from each of the five LOZ artists’ diverse backgrounds. With strong influences ranging from rock, reggae, funk, blues, and R&B, LOZ ignites into a smokey, funky feel-good kinda’ jam band that draws a broad spectrum of devoted fans who keep coming back for more.

The Lionz of Zion Band members are: Brian “Hootie” Jeter, Josh Forbus, Ryan McCarthy, Daniel Wirgau and Wes Treadway. Their friendships run deep which may be the secret to their intuitive cohesive performances. The LOZ’s mantra: One pride. One love.

The Lionz of Zion continue to gain a seriously addicted fan base from over 20 countries all wanting to hear more of this high octane mix. The Lionz of Zion ... can’t be explained, only experienced.

Musicianship is paramount for us. We like to make sure our music is tight and as original as our brains can make it. We strive on putting together musically and physically explosive shows. Love groovin' and dancin'? Come join the pride.