Mandorico “If the Buena Vista Social Club went to Cancun for spring break and lived entirely on Red Bull and vodka for a week, they might start to sound something like Mandorico. The Atlanta-based party-starters bring together a combination of styles that would be considered loco if it weren't so much fun. Rock, Latin, punk, hip-hop, Afro-Cuban ,and reggae, are all fair game in Mandorico's mongrel music.”

Mandorico’s “wall of sound” is made up of horns, percussion, loud guitars and multiple vocals smashing together urban rock, reggae, Latin and punk yielding an incomparable musical monster. In a world where alternative has become mainstream Mandorico continues to push the envelope and redefine “groundbreaking” with their tasty hash of musical styles.

If the “wall of sound” was the batter consider the live show to be the icing. This six-headed percussive hellion defines the gold standard when it comes to the live setting. For the uninitiated it is religious experience, for the addicted it is the fix, yet for all it is easily one for the record books. A stage-bouncing , back-flipping, raucous affair that enthralls all of the senses.

The appropriately titled Strong Fire, which is set for a 2007 re-release, fortifies Mandorico’s musical prowess with a dozen burners that will fill any musical appetite. Produced by Mandorico and Pete Thornton (Shinedown) Strong Fire is stacked top to bottom with radio-friendly rockers, reggae-tinged grooves, and pelting Afro-Cuban pulses which define this musical all-you-can-eat buffet.

“Mandorico melds dance-inducing musical genres into a party-starting concoction that makes sitting still an iffy proposition” - Atlanta Journal Constitution

“… reggae tunes that rear-end Latin tropical beats that sideswipe funky, itchy rock tunes and come around to do it all over again on the next tune. Where else would you find such blends of tropical sounds but from Mandorico?”

-Creative Loafing – Charlotte

“One of Atlanta’s most popular bands ... a fantastic, all-devouring, remorseless percussive monster” - Creative Loafing, Atlanta