The Memorials
The Memorials The Memorials were spearheaded by Bay Area drumming prodigy, Thomas Pridgen, in December of 2009. After a few years performing with The Mars Volta, Pridgen turned his attention to forming his own group, incorporating a range of styles as diverse as the experiences of the individual members. Instead of becoming another rock bands' heartbeat, the focus was to collaborate with proficient musicians whom Pridgen felt would fill the void he hears in rock music. Pridgen reached out to friends and former students of the esteemed Berklee College of Music, Viveca Hawkins (vocals), and Nick Brewer (guitars), to join him in his newest endeavor. Recording with his friends yielded a family setting that enabled a comfortable yet intense recording process. The aura of the recording sessions, and Thomas' vision for the group, are reflected in the views of the bands members. The band has "totally made this project out of love...This album is made of the best of us, we put our hearts and souls into this." Viveca Hawkins. The passion and intensity of the recording sessions is audible on The Memorials debut effort, as they combine a vast array of sounds atop Pridgen and Brewer's compositions. Brewer's sprawling guitars and Pridgen's thick drums serve as the core of the sound, while Hawkins' sultry vocals bring it all together. The final product is intelligent and calculated, exhibiting certain pop sensibilities paired with songs that simply rock out. The compositions highlight each musician's incredible talent, while creating textured tracks that feel like vignettes of a band finding their stride.