DJ Parallax
DJ Parallax For over a decade, DJ PARALLAX has pushed the dance music envelope with his ever evolving style. Performing for some of the most diverse crowds internationally, his sets have been witnessed from the United States to Europe & Canada. Scouring the planet for music, DJ PARALLAX always delivers the heaviest basslines and floor stomping underground beats. DJ PARALLAX, also known as Frank Gallagher, began his career producing. Looping samples on an old 486DX PC in 1993 he was completely unaware of the blossoming underground dance music scene. Exposed to the dance music scene a few years later, he knew exactly where he fit. Already a DJ on a local radio station he switched formats and DJ PARALLAX, as he is known, was born.

Spinning 6 hours at a time On-Air he began mixing and blending different styles of dance music. "Earth Electronic", his radio program on WXPL 91.3 FM, continued for 5 long years. Eventually teaming up with other local DJs and bringing in special guests the show flourished for a time and was the only underground dance music radio program in the region. With the growing success of the radio program, DJ PARALLAX began his journey through the local rave & club circuit. Promoting himself with countless hundreds of CDs and promotional materials he gained greater exposure in the Northeast. Playing from Boston, to Manchester, to New York, he perfected his skills in dancefloor filling and was soon picked up by many respected regional & national crews.

More recently, DJ PARALLAX has crossed over into the global scene. With recent & upcoming events in the Northeast, Denver, Halifax, Vancouver, Ireland, and the UK, DJ PARALLAX continues to dominate the globe with his signature style of Speed Garage, Bassline, and 4×4. Be sure to check out his acclaimed THUMP mix series featuring only the hottest Speed Garage and 4×4 tracks.