Not A Planet
Not A Planet The joy of connection in building their audience compels ​rock trio, Not A Planet, to consistently bring their brand of carefully crafted, emotionally charged songs on tour throughout the US.

​Bandmates, Nathan Corsi (guitar/vocals), Liam Sumnicht (drums​/harmony vocals) and Sweet William Sturgess (bass/harmony vocals) embellish the strangely fertile music culture in the Middle of the Map (KCMO), where they call home base.

​'NAPSack EP', was recorded and released in 2012, just weeks prior their first tour together. A little psych, a little pop, but mostly good old fashion rock and roll, this 7 track affair earned them a solid fanbase, and in 2013, Not A Planet self-released their full length, 'The Few, The Proud, The Strange'. Songs on this LP unabashedly culminate a blend of 60’s pop, east coast indie and the blues of the north. ​

​Not A Planet will continue their creative recording process in early 2015​ with songs they are road testing on tour now. Look for a new release in Spring.