Kazyak "We're a rock band that jams," says guitarist/vocalist Peter Frey. "It's a head-bobbing, toe-tapping, body-groovin' kinda thing where you'll hear a melodic blend of funky jazz, rootsy bluegrass, and even elements of classical."

The band's roots stretch back to when Jed Anderson, Peter Frey, and Danny Vitali met during their freshman year at St.John's University. Founded on a creative relationship and a passion for music, the band has been years in the making.

Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Jed, Peter, and Danny explored their talent as the rhythm section for numerous music projects throughout their college days in Minnesota. In 2008, the nameless trio was Austin bound in an effort to hone their sound.

"Music is therapy," says bassist/vocalist Danny Vitali. "It's a way of life."

After long hours practicing, performing in back yards, and perfecting their craft, a band named Kazyak was born. Jed, Peter, and Danny built their first album layer by layer in the undisturbed seclusion of their Austin home studio.

"The album making process was extremely challenging," says drummer/vocalist Jed Anderson. "It definitely pushed the limits, but in the end we found our sound."

While the famed music capitol was their musical incubator, the Twin Cities was the genesis of it all.

"Whether it was here or there, playing music was always the constant and what we did," says Peter. "And we did it with the hope of sharing it someday."