Bagg Bagg was formed in Denton, TX in August 1999 by Ben, Andy, and Grady. The other "G" was added in January 2001 when Gaah(n) joined. There's gotta be more to it than that... Bagg has shared the stage with Adrian Belew, olospo, Hairy Apes BMX, Spoonfed Tribe, Papa Grows Funk, Sugarfree Allstars, Thinking Plyers, Topaz, Moses Guest, Plump, Drop Trio, Gnappy, Groovin' Ground, Peach Truck Republic, Bridge Road Caravan, Mellowship, Magpu, Pops Carter, Dot Matrix and many more... bagg has jammed with Jeffrey Barnes of Brave Combo, Pops Carter, Willie Dees, Chris Holt, and some others. Bagg is a band that has played for several years and has an epic song list. Fans seem to like the composition aspect of the band, even though they refer to BAGG as a jam band.