Love and Light
Love and Light Music is a force. A force, that unites people in a positive way with harmonious vibrations. Love and Light Music, is the epitome of this force. Comprised of the musical wizards Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson, Love and Light hails out of the high desert region of the Reno/Tahoe Basin. Composing music that touches their hearts and elevates their souls, the duo takes pride in their goal to uplift people across the world. Bursting with melodic synth lines, complex chord structure, intricate rhythms, and funky chunk bass lines, Love and Light Music is sure to get a crowd jumping, and begging for more. Though having a strong focus on Midtempo Bass Music, their productions are limited to no one genre, as they also create melodic dubstep, as well as half time drum and bass. Their compositions would best fall into the category of omni-tempoism, bound by no limits. Whether it is traveling the country playing headlining shows, or enjoying a night at home in the lab, Love and Light Music seeks to move YOU, in a way you deisre with every ounce of your conscious being.