Kite to the Moon
Kite to the Moon Kite to the Moon, formed in 2007, is the brainchild of relentlessly creative Athens, GA resident Timi Conley. Conley has lived and performed in Athens for many years and is known for his ability to do just about anything he sets his mind to- and pull it off with a fabulous style uniquely his.

His many projects include Abbey Road Live- the widely known, popular Beatles tribute band, Fuzzy Sprouts- one of the most beloved party bands known to Athens' history, Pigs on the Wing all-star Pink Floyd tribute with David Murphy of STS9, Ziggy Stardust the Bowie Tribute- where Timi performs as Ziggy-era Bowie in full-glam costuming, and now Kite to the Moon- the rowdy, wild pop culmination of all his biggest visions.

Each of these acts has won awards in Athens and been recognized as being the top of their classes in a town that is completely saturated with talent. Never one to dwell for long on a creative success though, each time Conley has gotten right back to the process of creating the next work or event, always with an eye toward topping his previous achievements.

Kite to the Moon, though barely 3 years old as of this writing, has released 3 music videos in HD, headlined at The Georgia Theatre and 40 Watt Club, played as far as Los Angeles, toured with Perpetual Groove, had their music featured in award-winning films, given themselves to as many charity benefit shows as was humanly possible and released a studio-recorded full album called POUNCE. Timi has managed it with aplomb... all in addition to his touring with Abbey Road Live and his life as a full-time dad, massage therapist and graphic designer.

As if that weren't enough, Conley in 2009 launched a new annual event into Athens' massive social landscape as main organizer and Master of Ceremonies of The Wild Rumpus Athens Halloween Parade (which, in 2010 at second running, boasted an attendance of an estimated 2000 participants and packed over 1000 costumed revelers into his Kite to the Moon show that night.)

The band also features Jay Rodgers on bass guitar and Andrew Hanmer on drums.

Jay has been called "A bassist with True Panache" by Athens Human Rights Festival organizer John Miley. Initially, when Conley found out Rodgers was unafraid to perform dressed as a hot dog with mustard, they immediately partnered and the band was formed. An accomplished studio engineer as well, Rodgers' uncontainable, solidly crushing, yet melodically exquisite bass work gives Kite to the Moon it's raunchy growl and heavy party vibe.

"World Famous" Andrew Hanmer is a veteran of many successful bands, most notably the Charlie Mars band. He has even appeared as a drummer on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian- a clear testament to his incredible abilities. Hanmer has, for many years, been the go-to session drummer for Athens' legendary engineer / producer David Barbe of Chase Park Transduction Studio for the simple reason that his tone and playing skills are at the top of Athens' mountain of percussion talent. Andrew's finesse and chops, plus his reputation as an unpredictable, high-rolling playboy, cement Kite to the Moon's undeniable force as a musical outfit.

Kite to the Moon is becoming known as one of the wildest acts in the southeast. Their over-the-top music showcases a crazy mix of pop genres and is almost always accompanied live by vivid visual elements... whether they be outlandish costuming, imaginative live video projection or most infamously, The Tiger Girlz of Athens. The Tiger Girlz are a troupe of highly skilled aerial performers who dance cirque-style on trapeze and fabric slings to the boisterous Kite to the Moon delivery. The three dancers, Ann Lily-Woodruff, Carrie Kretzer and Lauren Puls, regularly wow audiences with their bright costumes, undeniable sex appeal and jaw-dropping, athletic artistry.

This mix of stunning visuals and infectiously fun music is Kite to the Moon's signature, and the chemistry of these 6 talented performers, combining their enthusiastic, creative visions together, makes for one of the most fun, entertaining, interesting and enlivening musical experiences you will ever see.