Stephanie Finch and The Company Men
Stephanie Finch and The Company Men Among Stephanie Finch's achievements are playing keyboards and singing in Chuck Prophet's band, singing on The Red House Painter's 'Songs for a Blue Guitar' with Mark Kozelek, also on the 'Sign of God' soundtrack with Jonathon Richman and playing Judy Collins in HBO's Chicago 7 biopic.

The Company Men are Chuck Prophet, Kelley Stoltz and Rusty Miller. 'Cry Tomorrow,' which came out in May, has received excellent notices including the influential Fresh Air NPR show:

Stephanie Finch sings in a high, plaintive register that can sound both pleading and firm, sarcastic and wry. It's a voice of knowingness, from which innocence has been stripped away to reveal a performer who knows what she wants from herself and from other people… Stephanie Finch may cry tomorrow, but right now, she's going to lay it all out for you, the good and the bad stuff that precedes any crying. And besides, who says she's the one who's going to be the one in tears when she gets finished with you? – NPR Fresh Air

'A sparkling platter that touches on the heavy mood of Nico and loopy charm of the Modern Lovers' - Mojo

'Finch's songs pulse with the wiry simplicity that marks some of the best rock & roll' – Icon Magazine

Who would have guessed that all this time there was such a singular creative voice lurking in the background of Prophet's band? It prompts one to wonder what the guy's bassist and drummer are up to in their down time. – Limewire

Throw Cry Tomorrow in the car stereo, roll the windows down, and head off down the highway while the album blares. It'll get you where you're going, or provide the perfect soundtrack for just enjoying being out among the wide open spaces. - Blurt