The Littlest Birds
The Littlest Birds The Littlest Birds are David Huebner on cello and Sharon Martinson on banjo, offering a gentle, harmony-fueled brand of twang that evokes the dusty backroads and wide open spaces of the American West while remaining deeply rooted on a backporch somewhere in Appalachia. Since 2010 they have traveled across 35 U.S. States, playing 100s of shows, including visits to Canada and England. They have performed at such renown festivals as the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Oregon Country Fair as well as numerous regional festivals and venues. With voice, cello, and banjo, old traditionals are given a fresh turn, and their original songs display an enthusiasm and inspiration that flows off the stage and into the hearts of anyone that is listening. “Think instrumental virtuosity balanced by a breezy, backwoods soul, music that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally soothing.” (Seven Days Weekly, Burlington, VT)

"...a lovely sound that embraces listeners simultaneously with the familiar and the new." (Folk Alley)