The Cornerstoners
The Cornerstoners The Cornerstone was the most unique experimental art venue in the city of Miami, showcasing original art & music until its untimely closing in 2007. People remember it fondly & with the highest regard. The Cornerstoners is a band whose members came together at the end of The Cornerstone era, dedicating themselves to be a time capsule representation of the place they called home.

The Cornerstoners began as an organic acoustic Hip Hop group. They have evolved into a fresh, full fledged fusion of Progressive Rock, Blues, Funk, & a hint of Caribbean influences, combined with a large dose of socially conscious lyrics. Think Rage meets Roots. You know what, forget that! Let's just call it Hip Hop, it has a better ring to it.

Through their many trials & tribulations, MC Michelangelo leads the band with inspired writing and vocals. Other Miami musicians in The Cornerstoners family include Alana Dym, the whootie goddess of drumming destruction, Harrison Pearl AKA Da Bass, & the crispiest crujiente guitar player and lover of all things crispy, Crispy. They remain true to the culture, vibe and energy of their namesake birthplace, The Cornerstone.

The Cornerstoners have played and continue to play in every corner of Miami's known and unknown, named and unnamed live- music establishments. They have toured internationally throughout France, and Colombia. This past summer found The Cornerstoners on a magically mysterious tour of the Southwest United States. Each performance informs their message of positivity, peace, and the forward motion of change.

Concious 305HipHop. A fusion of sounds..LOve is the Melody, Change is the Lyrics, Peace is the Message :) The TIME is NOW!!