The Bolts
The Bolts The Bolts are a modern rock band who walk the fine line between classic and contemporary with enough finesse to pique the interest of even the most jaded of hipsters. Fusing the best elements of Queen, The Beach Boys, Muse and The Killers, The Bolts have created a distinct and energetic, powerful pop-rock sound that has earned them acclaim as "LA's hottest new band," according to LA Weekly.

The Bolts are from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Only in the pop music suburban melting pot of Southern California could this be possible. The Bolts are the direct musical descendants of a long list of great bands such as The Eagles, Van Halen, No Doubt, and Foster The People, which were spawned along the Interstate 5 Freeway from the San Fernando Valley to the OC—and they have learned their lessons well. "The OC has a scene for almost every musical genre, and we have fans from every one of them," explains guitarist/vocalist Heath Farmer. "I think rock music fans have been waiting for something new that doesn't require that they conform to a scene's standards; something organic and unrefined that says you can enjoy it whether you have a moptop or a mohawk. We are for them."

The Bolts showcase their stadium ready talents with nonchalance and confidence as if it were all by birthright. Well, that's pretty much true for siblings, Adam, Heath and Austin Farmer, who along with fellow Bolts, Matt Champagne and Ryan Kilpatrick create a unique pop rock sound that pulsates with muscular musicianship, brilliant 4-part vocal harmonies, and multiple lead vocalists.

The Bolts Manager/Producer Guy Eckstine states, "I saw an urgency and rawness to their live performances that I wanted to capture on record, and I felt I needed to rough it up a bit in the studio to reflect that attitude. The results are impressive."

The Bolts first experienced local success in 2007 when the band landed five demo songs on the local rock radio station, KROQ, after being together less than four months. Soon after, the band started winning local battles of the bands and other competitions, eventually leading them to earn the title of Orange County's 'Best Pop Artist' from the OC Music Awards.

In the last 12 months The Bolts have landed music licensing spots on MLB, MLB All-Star Game, MLB World Series, NASCAR, UEFA Soccer Championships, Delta Airlines, television shows, Degrassi, and Necessary Roughness,branded marketing strategic partnerships with You Rock Digital Guitars, Hello Music, and the Sobe drink campaign, featuring Sports Illustrated cover supermodel, Kate Upton.

In just a short period of time, The Bolts have developed an army of devoted fans who mobilize at a moment’s notice for their energetic performances from San Diego to Los Angeles, turning up in frenzied droves at their ongoing residencies at The Roxy and Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace. With the release of their 2 ep's entitled, Fall, Winter, and followed by their official full-length release, The Bolts coming in Spring 2013, the time is now to take on the world on their own terms, one great show at a time.