The Inflatables
The Inflatables The Inflatables, from Richmond, Virginia, played their first show together at the Elysian Fields music festival in the summer of 2010, and although they are new on the scene, they are getting quite a bit of attention. Their repertoire includes everything from traditional old time and American roots classics as well as Japanese pop and Frank Zappa. The group consists of five stringed instrument players: brothers, Corey Wells on lead guitar and Jesse Wells on fiddle; Zach Hudgins plays the bass; Ben Butterworth is on the rhythm guitar; and, Alex Murphy strums the banjo. Together they create a sound which is a cross between hillbilly jazz and psychedelic ragtime. This band is breathing fresh life into the traditional form of string band music. Drawing influence from bands like the Grateful Dead, their improvisational technique is what makes going to an Inflatables show so entertaining. The Inflatables are constantly evolving as they master their craft and it shows in their original compositions, which are both transcendent and colorful. Keep your ears unzipped and stay tuned for more inflatable news as it happens.