Rising Buffalo Tribe
Rising Buffalo Tribe Out of the roots reggae rebels and players of the 21st century comes out one exciting new band by the name The Rising Buffalo Tribe, est. in 2009. On a mission to bring the authentic roots sound that spearheads up to Zion itself to come back down and awake the listener with the conscious voice of Jah Almighty through the spirit of singer Johnathan Velasquez (Chief Vigs) chanting truth and rights with conviction. Bringing this timeless sound to these changing times with biblical prophecy that doesn't like to be shared. Gathering much inspiration and study from contemporary masters Kevin Kinsella, Groundation, Cultura Profetica, & Solomon Jabby they arrange their music with complicated chord & time changes with soul devastating horn arrangements that shake up anyone's dwelling spirit!. Chief Vigs voice is one to experience live. Singing with vigor & conviction with his sweet tenor voice and flying falsetto. Relatively new the goal of this band is to reach the essence and core of the roots reggae music its full potential in healing, awakening & dicipline. "This music One that is tied to a whole other dimension in which the human being fully expresses its joy for life yet its anger for justice and freedom. To dig deep within ourselves to find a better way of living the balance between the spiritual & carnal life wich create the human existance. We were not created to be money cultivators to work and just lay to die. The Wellsprings of life lie ahead for those who can look beyond the walls and fallow the narrow road back to the garden". So fans of old 70s Reggae Legends and of the contemporary likes of Groundation, SOJA, John Brown's Body, Elijah Emanuel bands that take this foundation to new heights will find this band refreshing and universal. Words from Chief Vigs. Review & Interview by Barney Murnin (GDJ).