Black Muddy River Band
Black Muddy River Band Black Muddy River Band is a three-member group from the Washington DC area that captures, in a 3-piece acoustic format the music and spirit of the Grateful Dead. Two and three part harmonies overlay acoustic guitars, bass and mandolin (in ever changing combinations). Fans of the Dead's early 1970's acoustic albums will find these gems both captured and interpreted in fresh new ways. The group also plays acoustic versions of songs from across the years that the Dead only played "plugged in," including extended jams where the three instruments interweave to capture the Dead’s spare intricacy.

Black Muddy River Band is:

Jamie Daly (mandolin, guitar, bass, vocals) has played in various DC-area acoustic groups since 1985, none of which had enough Dead in the set list to make his Grateful heart sing.

Steve Neugeboren (guitar, vocals) recently played with the DC Area Grateful Dead tribute band, On the Bus. Having moved off the bus and into an unplugged format, Steve contributes his own original material to the band's performances.

Dave Wolf (guitar, bass, vocals) hails from Maryland, is deeply versed in the bluegrass form and is enjoying a return to the Dead material he loved when it all began.