Loose Shus
Loose Shus Loose Shus is quickly carving out his own niche with his unique approach to electronic music. It's a coincidental rehash of disco and funk, born out of Loose Shus' adoration for 70s European exploitation movies. The music conjures up some of this euro film nostalgia but is also rooted in a west coast, put-the-top-down style. Loose Shus lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mistakenly analog, the instruments are mostly digital but great care is taken to sculpt and add texture. One synth line will be the combination of hardware, software, and samples all layered to form a single instrument. "Originally because that's what I thought the good synths sound like." However he produces the tones, they hit hard in the club and make for some very original and danceable tracks.

His single Taurus dropped last year on Plant Music to a very good reception from international DJs. His next single "Sky Motel" has just been released by Scion on a compilation for Plant Music. Loose Shus was named as URB Magazine's next 100 for 2009. He's been a remixer and shared the stage with the Valerie collective, remixed for Jupiter, Symbol One, and is well received within the French electronic and emerging international scenes.