Incline District
Incline District Joe William Mitchell and Frederik Kire began playing music together in the classical orchestra dojo, studying the violoncello and contrabass arts under master Dr. Michael Thyson. During a weekend kata and retreat concert the two began discussing the infinite possibilities of scoring classical and non-classical musical genre and then showcasing those finished forms in venues and instrumentations traditionally apposed or unaware of those styles. With Dr. Michael Thyson’s support, Joe William Mitchell and Frederik Kire orchestrated and played Underworld’s Born Slippy outside the Bayreuther Festspiele in 2008. The piece was furnished with Dr. Michael Thyson's Timpani recommendations, Mitchell on cello and Frederik Kire playing a graphite double Bass. The Bass was developed by Kire and Mitchell and designed to include an intricate looping playback switch, which would create tones un-detectable to the passerby listener. ....One Bayreuth reviewer explained, "This strange ambush of sounds resting on an odd contemporary-basic piece felt like a drug induced rave with Mr. Mitchell’s cello completely gagging and dying in front of us." He continued by saying, "The entire time this grotesque trance like death is foregoing in front of us Mr. Kire’s bass is jovially dragging the body down the track."...... Conceding that this review had some negative aspects within it, Mitchell and Kire still believed that the origins and the foundations of score’s post 90’s alternative and late 90's trance beginnings were captured successfully. It was then that the band Incline District was formed and many shows were booked and played. Asher Kirkman moved from St. Louis to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University and study under the classical philosopher Father Orlin Roberts. Focusing on Bahian, Sertanejo, and samba de rodo percussion Kirkland met Mitchell during a Charlie Parker listen up and began discussing the possibilities of merging non-mergeable music. Kirkland, Kire, and Mitchell decided to make an attempt at this overdone and completely used idea in Kirkland's basement in 2010 while under the influence of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. The result was masterful and Thyson's Timpani recommendation was replaced by Kirkland indefinitely. The recording of this original jam session has sold over 2,000 copies in the United States and Ohio and although not garnering much main stream press the trio's style and percussive form has immediately drawn a cult like following to shows and concerts. Incline District continues to evolve, make up things, and play original music with new people in and around the Cincinnati area. The band has been reviewed in all major media outlets including City Beat and Metromix with City Beat saying that Mitchell's voice is good. Currently focusing all of their efforts, on a sophomore follow up to their first album, the band excitedly looks forward to 2011 and the possibilities that lie unseen.