Psylab Holding down the sounds of the Boston underground since 2004, Psylab has been touring the Northeast, performing at clubs, lofts, raves, festivals, and regional BurningMan events for thousands of fans, friends and freaks.

Reaching as far west as the Sierra Nevada's (Northern CA's Symbiosis Gathering '06); and as far south as South Beach, FL (WMC's Miambient), Psylab's music has set the soundtrack for many magical events.

Solely through word of mouth and Internet promotions, Psylab has defied standard music business practices and built a loyal following by creating authentic, organic, live electronic dance music for the sake of the moment. Drawing from a range of influences including psytrance, minimal tech, progressive house, dnb, jungle, ambient, downtempo and dubstep, Psylab creates music spontaneously, according to the vibe of the event and the mood of the room.

Whether its a chill-out set in the CoSM art gallery, or an early morning psy-trance set at an open-air beach party, Psylab transforms and adapts to its surroundings for a unique experience each and every time -- no two sets are ever alike.