Utah Green
Utah Green Utah Green, a young singer/songwriter emerging from the vibrant music scene in Asheville, North Carolina, is releasing her second album, ForTune this August. Utah describes herself as a "song singin', story telling, flying jumpin', backwoods groover," and with a knack for telling captivating stories, has drawn comparisons to folk giants Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake. But unlike Drake and Cohen, she sings upbeat and whimsical songs with an airy playfulness and joyful enthusiasm for life. The songs on ForTune are full of gorgeous natural imagery of mountains, rivers and valleys and injected with Utah's bold sense of humor and passion for living. She is a story-telling traveler, a mystic beatnik, and delivers these songs in a heartwarming voice over toe-tapping rhythms of acoustic guitar and banjo, crafting music that calls back to classic Americana and sounds like it was created around a campfire in the Appalachian mountains.

"Utah is a wordsmith and poet of the first rank. Her songs speak of life experiences taken to profound and epic proportions, and strike to the very depths of your soul and fill your mind with vibrant and colorful images. She is a uniquely talented and prolific artist and a species unto herself. Our lives are enriched by her presence."

-David Shelton, writer