Grand Theft Maidcart
Grand Theft Maidcart Grand Theft Maidcart is a vocal-driven, song-oriented three piece rock and roll band based in Knoxville, TN. What started as a few fun recording sessions has now culminated into a living and breathing music machine. Clarke Keown and Grady Upchurch began writing and recording the first few songs for GTM in 2008, but the music has truly come full circle in 2010 with the addition of percussion master Jeff Lane. Lane brings a hybrid rhythmic sound to the band while playing both a traditional drum kit and hand drums/percussion instruments. All former members of the national touring Atlanta-based band, Outformation, the guys have moved a bit away from the "jam" oriented material they cut their teeth on, and have gone back to their roots a bit with more of a singer/songwriter approach.

"I think we're trying to simplify a little bit. I love a great 10 minute guitar solo, but that's not what we're trying to do with this band. We're trying something new here, new to us anyway…" says Keown.

The band is currently recording tracks for a release sometime in 2010 and will be playing select spring dates in the Southeast.