Liquid Sun Day
Liquid Sun Day Liquid Sun Day came onto the scene in September 2009 and have since been delighting audiences at venues like 19 Broadway, Aqus Cafe and the Lagunitas Beer Garden, to name a few. Their sound is vibrant and powerful, showcasing the original compositions of bandmembers Rich Searle, John Bedell and Don Pasewark. Their fans love them for their original material and as well the stunning covers they interlace during their set, which draw from their favorite influences including The Band, the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, the Beatles and others. What is created on a given evening is a liquid sonic stew - a melting pot of Americana sounds that is cooking on a high butane flame. While clearly the roots of their sound are derived from the psychedelic rock era, they have synthesized the blues, New Orleans R&B, and psychedelica into a sound that is mesmerizing and vitally fresh. The instrumentation includes lush Hammond B-3 organ layers, richly textured guitar melodies and wailing blues harmonica. Front-man Mike Feely's vocal styling has been compared to Gregg Allman's. The rock-solid backline is provided by bass player Don Pasewark and drummer Randy Hedgepeth. Together with guitar players (and singers) John Bedell and Rich Searle, and Jim Talley on keys, Liquid Sun Day is delivering transformational experiences to their fans across Northern California.