Warm Wet Rag
Warm Wet Rag Upon the Dawning of the year 2007, a band was born, the likes of which Madison had never before witnessed. The flutes of the Chi called upon six musicians to bring to Wisconsin a musical experience that had only previously occurred every few years. The flutes demanded that they replicate the concerts of Ween. Unsure at first that they would be able to do any justice to that glorious musical entity of the Boognish, the boys tried out a few songs and were delighted to learn that they could in fact, replicate the live Ween experience. Surprised at having touched the dwarf inside, they formed Warm Wet Rag: A Tribute to Ween. Wam Wet Rag's sole musical objective is to re-create the live Ween experience as authentically as possible. The members of Warm Wet Rag hope you have as much fun experiencing their shows as they do performing them. When you've had your fun, and your work is done . . . you just gotta love Ween!