Battleme In the Fall of 2009, former Lions singer Matt Drenik started his solo creative outlet Battleme by accident. After having drinks with a music supervisor at Fox, Drenik talked about writing a country song. Weeks later FX’s Sons of Anarchy came calling. Drenik quickly penned what he called “Burn This Town” in a few short hours and called the head engineer at Austin, TX studio The Bubble to do a quick live session. That four hour session has landed Drenik other network appearances, charting on iTunes, opening solo slots for national acts, and local NPR radio attention at KUT. By the time 2010 rolled around, Drenik was beginning to find a voice for the project. But shortly after he began having some health problems and headed up to Portland, OR to write a full length record as a way to deal with the stress. Striving for purity, he holed up in a basement and wrote dozens of songs. By Summer’s end, he had a record. The demos were sent to Thomas Turner of Ghostland Observatory who in turn signed Drenik to his Trashy Moped Recordings. The two worked furiously over the next six months; collaborating on Drenik’s songs, with the two of them playing all the instruments. Drenik and Turner put the finishing touches on the record in the Fall of 2011. The self-titled full-length debut is due to be released in early 2012.