Madboojah Project
Madboojah Project Madboojah Project was created by Shlomi Avratz and Udi Ben Knaan – both are well known and respected musicians in the Israeli music scene. Udi Ben-Knaan is a member of the famous Israeli World Music group "SHEVA" who composed and produced many of the group's instrumental works. Udi is a real master of many ethnic string instruments who traveled all over the world seeking the masters in each country in order to learn how to play these unique instruments: Indian Sitar, Afghan Rabab, Persian Tar, Spanish guitar, Turkish Saz, Didgeridoo and Greek Lira.

Shlomi Avratz is a well known Israeli DJ, living the southern city of Eilat spinning electronic music, soft Trance & World beat tracks he creates! They both met in Eilat while Shlomi played Udi some of his tracks and immediately they decided to form this unique project – Madboojah Project

This forthcoming album is the amazing result of this fruitful cooperation between them. Madboojah Project Consist of 10 amazing musical creations, floating between ancient and modern, east and west, electronic and acoustic, computers and live instruments!