Trolls Cottage
Trolls Cottage "Trolls Cottage is one of the most mysterious and illusive acts in the Great Northwest" -Smart Went Crazy Productions

“The singer actually can sing, and its island-flavored rhythms are controlled yet organic…and vocalist (Bain) has a bit of Michael Franti's urgent hush in his vocal delivery." -Oregon Register Guard

" Marlatt's voice makes it sound as if there's some wisdom behind the songs, and there is …feel good-type wisdom.” -Oregon Register Guard

"...a special blend of tunes... perfect for a deep powder day in the trees." -Powder Magazine 35th Anniversary Issue

"...large number of smiling, gyrating folks on the dance floor that night... always changing, impossible to pigeonhole sound coming from the stage" -Tacoma Weekly

Trolls Cottage is Earl Clay on drums, Jacob Bain on acoustic guitar/vocals, Mike Marlatt on electric guitar/vocals, Erik Reimnitz on bass/vocals, and Gabriel Blake on percussion.

“Trolls Cottage will undoubtedly win you over” -Seattle’s Best Live Music

Songwriters Jacob Bain and Mike Marlatt mix lyrical contemplations with the rhythms of Earl Clay and Gabriel Blake to form the signature Trolls Cottage sound. Erik Reimnitz contributes songs as well, completing one of the groups stand out feautures: The use of multiple vocal leads. This keeps the music fresh with varying feels and creates a recognizable uniqueness.