Sun Hop Fat
Sun Hop Fat This is the music of resilience. A group of reforming energized by the music of resistance and fuzz. To the collective they all brought their voices. They came packing cases and stories, this outfit brought together by a desire to move bodies and uplift with a song from a place foreign and far. The voices when together swirl and sparkle: a rhythm section churns; horn section pops and murmurs, through it all an unearthing is discovered, a collection of voices that seeps electric honey.

Sun Hop Fat is a dangerous place to lay your feet to rest. The group’s reinterpretation of the Swinging Addis period of Ethiopian music is a cauldron of swell and froth that can only be broken by an upheaval of emerging groove. All these voices, provide a soundscape rich enough to plant a garden in. So much sound. So much foundation. So much travel and change. This group is a tempest, ever evolving in members, texture and structure. It started as an idea, a note, a covering of something that was dark and unknown. Now, It is now a scream, a tingling, a possibility to behold.