Sludgebucket Sludgebucket is an Oakland,CA based stoner metal (classic,progressive,punk,metal,doom-mix)power trio.Started in late 2005 by Kelly Waldrip (Fuzzplow) (bass/vocals/songwriting), who needed an outlet for his heavier songs.He recruited John Robert Santos (Fuzzplow) on guitar, and Doug Weldy(Greenhouse Effect,Six Liter) on drums.The three of them got together in late 2005-early 2006 at Soundwave Studios, Oakland to rehearse and record the songs in John's studio.Their s/t full-length cd was finished in 2006, and released in 2007.

From there they took the band to the east bay live circuit and continued to record in John's Hedonistic Studios (@Soundwave Studios). Doug left the band to join up with Infamous Chokechain and was replaced by Max Adams(Maxwell Adams) on drums.They continued to play out and record, Max left to join John's other band: Braindozer.He was then replaced by Thomas Perry (Flametal). With material for three cds and John Santos' band Braindozer runnin full steam, Kelly agreed to put a hold on releasing material and have Sludgebucket take a back seat to John's band.

In March of 2009 friend/guitar player/producer, John Robert Santos, passed away.It was a great loss to many people who knew him: family,friends, and people in the scene.Devistated by the loss of his friend and guitar player, whom he'd been playing in band with since high school(Disillusion,Green Man's Dead,Fuzzplow,Space Grass,Braindozer,Sludgebucket), Kelly took time off to grieve and reassess.In October/November of 2009 he got Jordan Watts on guitar(John had recomended him, had he not wanted to continue with Sludgebucket), and Tom Perry on drums.They jammed for about two months, Tom left due to other obligations, and was replaced by original drummer, Doug Weldy.

With this lineup: Kelly Waldrip(bass/vocals), Jordan Watts(guitar),Doug Weldy(drums); Sludgebucket, was/is back in full force, recording new material, finishing up old recordings, and playing the live circuit in the east bay.Playing out a lot in summer of 2010 and finishing up their next full-lenth release: "ClownSoulPowerTrip", SLUDGEBUCKET is looking forward to 2011..bringing Stoner Metal to wherever it can be heard.