Thelonious Dub
Thelonious Dub Thelonious Dub is one of Los Angeles most popular modern jazz quartets. It’s warm, attractive vibe weaves electronica, reggae-dub and lush cinematic moments into an style unique to these four players. Young, fearless and tempered with an experienced band leader, Thelonious Dub is perfect for small parties and large events.

Entertained at parties for such luminaries as:

Actors Hank Azaria “The Simpsons”, James Cromwell “24”, John Savage “Deer Hunter”, Ted Dansen “Becker”, Ed Asner “Up” and Chef Gordon Ramsay “Hell’s Kitchen”

“Master Plan B” (2010-Corbraside) is their sophomore effort. It features the quartet performing all original material. Their first album “Thelonious Dub” (2009-Cobraside) features 10 songs by Monk, Miles, Shorter and Mingus and Bartone. Thelonious Dub performs in the Los Angeles and Bay area.

Thelonious Dub formed in 2007 by ambient dub guitarist Joe Bartone (Berklee). Drummer Sean Rainey (Berklee) adds Reggae, New Orleans, Trip Hop, and “Drum&Bass” grooves. Thelonious Dub features Brandon Schmidt (MFA CalArts) on Upright Bass and Space Kyle (U of North Texas) tenor sax.

Joe Bartone – guitar, guitar synth, effects, electric sitar
Sean Rainey – drums, percussion, effects
Kyle O’Donnell – Tenor Sax, synth
Brandon Schmidt – Acoustic Bass