Blue Boy Productions
Blue Boy Productions BBP is a duo specializing in intense bass heavy dance music that spans the genres of EDM, blending live instruments with samples and original productions in a way that allows for real improvisation and unrehearsed moments of creativity and spontaneity.

Since their live debut in April 2009 BBP has played shows with Ott, Bluetech, Heyoka, Big Gigantic, Vibesquad, R/D, Savoy, Mary Anne Hobbs, Lorn, Mount Kimbie, Jazzsteppa, Eskmo, Telepath, Pnuma Trio, RAQ, Marco Benevento Trio, Eliot Lipp, The Great Mundane, Emancipator, Blockhead, Psylab, Biodiesel, Jeff Bujak, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Mux Mool, Superfiction, The Hippocampus, Joe Nice, and many more, as well as delivering memorable late night sets at underground afterparties for acts including STS9, The Disco Biscuits and Shpongle.